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Tribute to Sam & Tim

On 11th November 2002 at 11.00am when the Nation were having a minutes silence for those men and women that lost their lives in fighting wars for their countries, the communities of the Hills District and Narrabeen were waiting for news on the survivors of a plane that had crashed in the Philippines on that Monday morning.

Later that evening it was confirmed that Sam aged 24, Tim aged 26 and 3 of their friends had lost their lives in this tragic accident.

Sam & Tim were just two young men living their lives to the fullest and with everything to live for. I had the greatest of pleasure in meeting the Coddington  family in 1986 and today we still remain friends.

I coached Sam from an 8 year old (1986-2002).  Sam was a robust centre with natural skills and the ability to go all the way in rugby.  After playing junior ranks at Hills, Sam played for Parramatta Colts where he was an instant success. After colts, he returned to the Hills Club to play in the NSW Suburban Competition in years 2000 – 2002.

Sam throughout this years of Rugby was selected in various Parramatta Junior representative sides, along with Sydney Juniors at the age of 15.

Tim was a totally different rugby player, who played up front in the engine room.  Tim’s size and ability to hold up the strongest opposition’s scrums was second to none.

Tim represented Parramatta at a Junior Rep level and then made the trek to Parramatta Colts were he was able to make his way through the ranks to the 1st grade team.

Tim also had a three-year stint at coaching one of the Hills clubs junior teams where he was admired by his players and was able to pass on many of his skills and knowledge.  In year 2000 Tim returned to the Hills club to again play in the engine room, playing in the NSW Suburban competition, however after suffering some back problems was forced to give Rugby away in 2001.

The loyalties that these two men have shown to the Hills and Parramatta clubs needs to be bottled.  While the brothers had played rugby together at school it was only made possible for them to return to Hills Club and play together due to the efforts of their close friend James Lovely who got Suburban Rugby at the Hills Club back on its feet after a few years absence.

It was decided that the Players Player Cups for 1st and 2nd Grade that are awarded at each round will now be names “The Coddington Cups” in memory of these two fine Hills Rugby men, who have served this club in the true spirit of rugby and mateship.

From 2002 – Craig Brinnand




  • I would like to take a moment,

  • Pay a tribute to a man,

  • Although my words may not do justice,

  • I doubt if anyone can.


  • When I heard about his passing,

  • We were saddened to the core,

  • But I’d guessed that rugby game in heaven,

  • Needed Bob a little more.


  • You see Bob was a “Hills Angel”

  • Dedicated to the cause,

  • Never had he wavered,

  • Nor did he want applause.


  • He stacked the fridge at Yattenden,

  • Swept the changeroom floor,

  • He painted, cleaned , repaired,

  • No one could ask for more.


  • But his passion for the game itself,

  • This could not be denied,

  • He gave his support to Jimmy,

  • Who rebirthed our seniors side.


  • This year Bob saw Terry,

  • Join a pretty special crowd,

  • A crowd of only seven men,

  • I’ll bet you he was proud.


  • Shawn Howell, Cashew , Clarkey

  • Richo , Bertram , Puff.

  • 200 games for Terry Short,

  • He’s made of the right stuff.


  • Bob’s selflessness stood timeless,

  • He encouraged, gave support,

  • A life member and a champion,

  • The Hills Angel, Robert Short.

Tribute to Andrew Heffernan




On the 26th of May 2012, the Hills Rugby Club lost one of its most loved members, Andrew Heffernan. Andrew, more commonly known as ‘Heff’ around the club, was tragically killed when he was struck by a vehicle whilst walking home from a night out with his mates. His untimely passing was without warning and tragic. The biggest tragedy is that this was an accident that could have happened to anyone, and yet been so easily avoided without the recklessness displayed by others. Andrew was 23 years old and in the prime of his life and at the time enjoying another year of rugby with his mates at Hills.


With the Internet playing as big a role as it does today many of you who knew him found out via facebook and other media. His friends and family at the time did their best to alert everyone they could in person or on the phone including those abroad being other family and friends, a truly tragic time in many young lives for people who shouldn’t have to go through such a thing.

Andrew was a great Son, brother, boyfriend and mate. Heff started his career playing for Hills in the clubs Colts team in the 2007 Season. This team would go out and give their best for the club each week, despite usually being on the end of some hefty defeats. He played alongside his best mates Steve Bowden and James Murphy and many who play at the club today. It was quite common for them to head straight to footy after 2 hrs sleep after being out all night at the RSL drinking Bundy draughts. Im sure a reason for their hefty defeats, but their improvement throughout the year was inspirational to the entire club.

As the years progressed, Heff and the majority of the colts team continued to play their rugby at Hills and progressed into the Seniors, where a number of them continue to play. Due to work commitments, Heff, an underrated Number 8 and flanker, wasn’t available to play each week and therefore spent most of his time in the lower grades. And it was for this reason why Heff epitomised what subbies rugby, and more importantly Hills rugby is all about. He did not play rugby for personal recognition, he played because he loved the game, the Hills club and his mates. He would arrive at the ground for the 5th grade game in the morning and be there for the final whistle in 1st grade all because he was a clubman in the truest sense and someone you wanted to be around.

He was a quiet larrikin who had a smile that could light up the room and a presence that garnered respect and appreciation of him being with you. A night at the bull was not the same without Heff and they never will be. I know Heff is missed by everyone at this great club particularly, Ben O'halloran, Ryan Siviour, Ben Cividin and Mitchell Woods who spent many a nights, holidays and special occasions with this great man.

In light of this, whilst Heff can no longer be with us at Hills in person he will always be in our thoughts.  And to acknowledge his contribution to the club, the Hills Rugby Colts Player of the Year Award will be known as the ‘Andrew Heffernan Colts Player of the Year’. It represents Heff as someone who started at the club as a colt, progressed to seniors, gave his all no matter what position or grade he was playing, and who will always be with us. It also acknowledges the importance of the Colts side to the Hills Rugby Club, and the role they play in continuing to make Hills the best club in NSW Suburban Rugby.


To Heff….Forever Black & Red.

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